Happy Damn Friday - Life Begins At...

Life begins at...

Ok so I am now 40. Life doesn't begin at 40 - life begins when you want it to! That is the single most important thing you need to know right here peeps.

Please don't wait for your life to begin. If you do it will pass you by. Life may be short, but yet it is the longest thing any of us will ever do. It is the one absolute certainty, you have a "use by date" whether you like it or not. So are you going to watch time go by and wait for it to come round, or are you already really living life. Are you going into each day with your head up and a smile and ready for the awesomeness? Are you making it awesome??

We might not always have what we want each day, but life kind of has a cool way of ensuring we have what we need - we're all still here right??

Embrace life, make it yours, make it happen, make it count.

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x