Happy Damn Friday - Thank You!

On 01/03/13 I created Happy Damn Friday as a blog, based on feedback and likes on Facebook. Today I have achieved a goal, Happy Damn Friday has had it's 1000 view. 

This is a BIG thing for me. Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for getting Happy Damn Friday this far. To date it has been viewed in: UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, Azerbaijan, France, Spain, Finland, Poland, Singapore, Estonia, Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Pakistan. 

1000 views in less than 3 months, with no advertising, sharing by word of mouth and sharing what I hope are messages that brighten someones day.

Let's see how far we can go. The world is a small place when we can connect throughout it. Lets spread a little happiness and inspiration.

Thank you,
Happy Damn Friday! x