Happy Damn Friday - Tear Down The Wall

Ever feel confused and try to get past it but just end up even more confused?

Confusion is confusing at best, distracting and sometimes utterly blinding at worst. What if confusion is the influence of the everyday clouding what you really want or need? What if it was just a subconscious way of holding back? If we can learn to let go of confusion we bring in clarity. 

Ever feel like you're up against a brick wall, confused about how to get round it? Have you ever stepped back? You will realise the wall is never as high or as wide as it seemed when you were letting it block your view. Sometimes we just need to step back from the wall and it all becomes clear. It's then it becomes less scary, less clouded and it suddenly becomes doable.  

Let's tear down the wall!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x