Happy Damn New Year

Hey, we made it through another year. For some it has brought big changes, it may have brought life changing decisions. It may have brought loss, or it may have brought new life. It may even have brought a whole new lease of life to you, a new purpose. 

The important thing is that no matter what, you look back on the year and take the positives forward with you. Hold on to what made you smile and what made you happy or feel special or loved. The stuff that didn't, well that's in the past now. 

Why not get a jar and every time something cool happens, write it on a little piece of paper and place it in the jar. Then on New Years Eve open the jar and read the notes. You may just be surprised how much awesome stuff you have had in your life. The stuff to be thankful for. For the people you love and who love you. For the living your life and not ever letting any of it waste away. Put your stamp on life. Make memories and make smiles. 

Be you for you, you are awesome after all. x

Happy Damn New Year Peeps! x