Happy Damn Friday - The 18yr Old You

How many times have we ever looked back at old photos of how we were from years ago? Think back to when you were 18? I bet there's been a few changes? Hell, I've gone from big hair to no hair. 

The looking back should be done fondly, the pics should make us smile - even if they are a little cringeworthy. 

Now this is the cool bit, think about everything you have achieved since then? Think of everything life has thrown at you but you've come out the other side. Life may not always have gone how you thought, but your journey continues. You have the inner power to lead on, to face and conquer challenges. 

Look at the person the 18yr old you has grown into? You are way stronger, more amazing and beautiful than you even know - pretty cool huh!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x