Happy Damn Friday - Conform?

Sometimes it can feel like we are always being pushed to conform. It seems that others just want us to conform to them, but only for their own needs. Not yours and not the way you want. It can feel like swimming against the current, but the important thing is to keep swimming. Only by doing this can we push through to the happiness, love and life that we deserve. The outcome that we deserve and the outcome that is ours, and not that of those who would drag us down to keep themselves happy and comfortable. 

You have the strength and you have the inner power to break through. You have the ability to make your way in life no matter what may be in the way. It is our own right to make it there, and when others try to hold us back or drag us down with their undercurrent of selfishness and negativity, then that is when we leap and power forward. 

You already do without thinking, so when someone try's to pull you down, when they try to make you conform to them without thinking about you, then don't opt for the easy out - opt for the real you. The you that smiles and shines from your soul outward. Do that and you will shine brighter and more beautiful than any other. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x