Happy Damn Friday - Sponge?

We are all sponges, we absorb what's around us. Why not make what's around us what we want to absorb? Kick out the negative from your life. Whether it be people or thoughts. But especially negative or untrustworthy people and influences, they serve you no purpose, no benefit and they will do nothing but drain you. 

Have an environment that makes you smile. What I mean with that is choose who you let have your time. Be with people who make you smile, make you laugh and make you feel loved through no other action than just by being with them.

Make your home yours, make it somewhere that is you. Not decorated or shaped to please someone else. A haven, a sanctuary and a nurturing space. 

The most important thing is be kind to yourself. You are beautiful and you deserve every happiness, every success and every joy. You have more love and are more special than you will ever realise in a thousand lifetimes. 

Happy damn Friday peeps! x