Happy Damn Friday - Trust In You

Sometimes we have to trust in ourselves to continue on our journey. We are already on the right path, but sometimes it feels like the world is making it so very steep. When it feels like this we just need to trust in ourselves. You are stronger than anyone else, and beautiful on so many levels.

Trust and the outcome will be good, you already know this deep down and if you close your eyes it's the stuff that feels like a hug or person that makes you smile. It will be what is already ahead, and it is that reaffirmation to ourselves that keeps us going, to never lose sight of all the good things to come. You have so much happiness to come and it's already there for you, it's everything you deserve because you do deserve all the goodness the universe can bring. 

So when you feel like you can't breathe, or something/someone is draining you, or smothering your smile, just remember to trust in you. Believe in you, and know that you shine brighter than a million suns. I believe. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x