Happy Damn Friday - Fight?

Don't fight happiness. It's natural, so let it naturally happen. Regardless of background, social standing, race, colour or creed, the one thing we all deserve in our lives is to be happy.  It's something that many of us don't feel we deserve, but here's the thing - we all can be happy. We all deserve to smile 'just because'. 

Look into the mirror, and then look into yourself. What makes you happy? Who makes you happy? Now if you combine these together it's almost like we're creating a recipe for smiles. It's setting ourselves free to be happy. To be the person we can be, to be all that we can and to know that in doing so we are already making our soul happy. Those who are lucky enough to be the ones to make us happy will see it shine brighter than a hundred million stars. They will see you for you. See your inner beauty and the very essence of you as you cast no shadows, only light. 

We're gonna need shades!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x