Happy Damn Friday - Just A Kiss?

Ever had a kiss that changed everything? Ever had that moment when your lips met and it just happened, a connection, a 'spark'?

Sometimes our hearts and our bodies take over our mind and that is when we are at our most honest. When we have a connection, it is for a reason. It may come at the most unexpected time, but there is no denying it when it does. 

With that kiss, even now if you close your eyes you can feel everything again. You can feel the way it just felt so right, and how it was like falling into life again. Falling into being you, the real you, and how you just knew that it was special. 

When we follow our heart and our body, we follow our soul. We follow what we really want, we follow our true path. If we let our head take over, often it will cloud our judgement through the busyness of life and what we think are emotions as opposed to what emotions we feel. It is the how we feel instead of how we think that's important. That is the key. That is what's real. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x