Happy Damn Friday - Stand Up!

Stand up for you. Stand up for what you believe, what you feel, what you are. Stand up for what you trust, what makes you smile and most importantly what your heart tells you.

Every day we take for granted too much. Even when we don't think about it, or try not to, ultimately we do. If we step back and think about it we are all so very fortunate. We may not have what we want all the time, but there are millions people who would trade places with us in a heartbeat. That is a pretty sobering thought. 

In life some things are worth fighting for. Worth pursuing with every drop of energy, of hope and of all that makes us who we are. You will know what it it is, or who it is, by how it feels in your heart. You will know that with every fibre of your being and until your last breath that you cannot give up.

Some of us see the strength in others and it leaves us awed. The truth is we have people around us, in our lives and in our hearts that just don't realise how special they are. The thing is, you already are one of those people. By being you, you may be the strength that inspires, the wonder and the awe that makes someone realise that life is worth standing up for, that love is worth standing up for, that it's all worth never giving up on.

Make your stand, let your heart and your passion be your strength. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x