Happy Damn Friday - Always

How do you look on 'Always'? For me it's the feeling that cements something. The inner process that when you just know. Sometimes it can be hard to explain, but you know that it's right. You know that you are meant to be. 

If you break it down further it can be when you look at someone and you just think 'you know what, yeah' knowing that you get them, they get you, and the always bit is there because it is bigger than everything and anything and it's meant to be. The 'yeah' can be love, it can be admiration or inspiration. It can be all of these rolled into one - this is when you know you really are looking at someone who is changing your life forever. Someone who every day is just better, because you have them in your life, your heart and in your soul. 

In this life and for a million lives thereafter they are. 


Happy Damn Friday Peeps x