Happy Damn Friday - Highway to You

Every been in traffic and just wished you had your own private highway? How amazing would it be to have the traffic part before you and the road ahead to be clear, and for your journey to be like cruising in a convertible with the roof down, the sun shining and your favourite song blasting on the radio?

What if life could be like this in general? How cool would it be if day to day could have no congestion, no negativity and nothing to stop your smile from shining like the beacon of hope and your inner beauty shining brighter than a million suns?

Ready for the cool bit? What if I told you that smiles are contagious? When you face the world with a smile it automatically puts you in a better mood. Honestly - go look in the mirror and smile, and when a smile is as beautiful as yours it should be shared with the world every day.

So go ahead every day and smile, and with that just watch how it clears the way to happiness, to the highway to you. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x