Happy Damn Friday - River Deep, Mountain High?

There may be days when we feel that we are on top of the mountain of life. Days when we feel like everything is in place, all is going how it should and life is good. That feeling of utter contentment and happiness rolled into one. 

There may also be days when we feel like we are drowning in the deepest depths. That life and everything in it can be overwhelming. This is a perfectly natural emotion dependent on your circumstance. However, and this is the big bit; It CAN get better, it DOES get better, and it WILL get better. 

Everyone has those times when it feels like one step forward and two back? What we need to remember is that this is the proof of the making of who we are. The most amazing thing is you are stronger than you know. More beautiful than you give yourself credit for. And most importantly, you are you! You are more loved than you will ever realise and you inspire in the very essence of being you. 

It may be winter, cold and wet outside, but your smile and your beauty brings summer every day!!!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x