Happy Damn Friday - Thankful

So it's the time of year when people give gifts and share their time with loved ones. It's when families show the spirit of what makes a family - it's the togetherness. It is also the accepting new people into our families and the warmth we can give in doing so. The laughs, the fun and the enjoying each other's company. 

It shows us how lucky we are to be with who we are. To be able to look around a room and just smile because in some way everyone there makes us happy. 

The thing to remember is that this is what we have for the whole year, it should never be limited to a day, or a couple of days. We need to share what what we have as much as we can. Make those memories, have the stories to re-tell, and it doesn't matter if it's across a room or across continents, embrace that feeling, embrace belonging and let the smiles stay ever more. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x