Happy Damn Friday - Pockets In Pyjamas?

Why do pyjamas have pockets? What can you possibly keep there that you really need or can enrich your life in any way?

Have you ever just looked at something and just thought 'Why?'. It can be an object, a situation, a person or anything. It's that moment when you take stock and realise that whatever it is, you just know it's pointless. 

Like the pocket in pyjamas, it will be nothing of any use, any importance or any value to you. So what if you think about life as being the pocket in pyjamas? Why carry stuff around that you don't need to. Why take the burden of stuff or people that is irrelevant or dragging you down. 

Empty the pockets, empty the unnecessary, and be all you want and can be. When you dispose of the unnecessary you are already leaps and bounds ahead. 

So, pockets in pyjamas....? Who needs them!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x