Happy Damn Friday - Happy You Day!

The greatest day of your life? Ever think that each and every day can be? Everyone has heard the saying of 'the present is the gift of all to come', but it's what you make happen that sets it aside from existing to living, and I mean really living.

We all have the consciousness and the power to overcome all and to make every day great in even some little way. To have something that makes it set it aside from any other.  The smile of a loved one, the thought of being somewhere special, the knowledge that you can love and be loved. These are just some of what makes it. 

Life is pretty much like an empty box, if you choose not to live life to the fullest then it is simply an empty vessel. However, and this is the awesome bit, it's what we put in it along the way that makes it unique, makes it special and makes it the most incredible gift to those around us and ourselves - each and every day.

"Happy You Day!"

Happy Damn Friday Peeps x