Happy Damn Friday - Keep It Real...

In this age where social media is embraced by millions, and equally loathed by the same, it is about the balance of reality that is important. What I mean is those who are true to what they claim to be. How many of us have friends on Facebook that when we really think about it aren't friends at all? Or worse still, those who claim to be friends, but display none of the attributes that actually constitute being a friend in the first place? The type that bad mouth you when you are not there. 

If you find that you have 'hanger's-on' who are there only to be nosy or have a little power trip of how special they believe they are, then now is the time to cut them loose. 

Nobody needs pretend friends. They are as non existent as a child's imaginary friend, and as such don't deserve to be associated in your life - never mind imagination. 

Take stock of who matters in your life, look at those who are there for you and have supported you. These are the real friends. These are the people that belong. The others, well let's just say they won't be missed within an hour of deleting them. So go forward, have a cull. Have a clear down and know that REAL is irreplaceable - the rest is instantly forgettable. 

Keep it real. That can apply to every possible aspect of life, love, friendship and all you can be. 

You are awesome after all...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x