Happy Damn Friday - Bad Guys Suck

In the world there will always be those intent in disrupting and causing pain. Those who see no other purpose than to wreck carnage and terror upon those with whom they have an misguided hatred towards. 

In the last few weeks we have seen complete acts of cowardice. In Tunisia, a lone gunman mowing down innocents with an automatic weapon. Another in America opening fire in a church. But the biggest tragedy is that this is not isolated. It is not only not isolated to one terror group, but has been the case of so many instances of such terror in the last decades and indeed centuries. 

It doesn't matter what these people believe they represent, or what they believe they are achieving through their actions, the thing is they suck. Plain and simple they are the epitome of all that is wrong with this world. All that festers on this beautiful earth that is shared by so many, regardless of race, colour or creed. There is no justification and there is no excuse. 

The world has enough of us who care, who are compassionate and who will not tolerate or stand for this. Whilst we are many and they are few, nothing they can do can be of lasting significance. Nothing they stand for can matter. And all in all the bad guys suck!

Here's to a world of compassion, tolerance, education and peace. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x


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