Happy Damn Friday - Banish Toxicity

I come from the beautiful island of Ireland. From Northern Ireland to be exact, but North and South so very beautiful, and you will be hard pushed to see anywhere on this planet that captures such a rugged and yet tranquil landscape. 

However,  for an island that is so very small, it is sad that there is a continued resilience to common sense and to being able to move forward. It may come as a shock, but we all are the same. Doesn't matter what area you live in, what school you went to or what misguided belief you have. 

This is not only restricted to Ireland, but to each and every country across the world. Each country has its own divides. It's own 'issues' and its own levels of ignorance to shadow over the beauty held within its landscapes and its borders. 

The thing is, regardless of where we find ourselves in this planet, the most important thing is we ALL live in a beautiful world. We all share, what is in the grand scheme of things, a tiny planet in a huge universe. 

Let's show that it's one that really is beautiful. Banish the toxicity of the minority. Be beautiful in all you are, all you do, all your words, and all your actions. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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