Happy Damn Friday - Who wants a hug?

Never underestimate hugs!

How many times in life have you given or received a hug that just felt 'special'. You know the sort where it is all embracing or just gives the level of comfort needed, without words. 

For most of us hugs from our parents are our first exposure to this. The ones you get when you fall over and bump yourself. They work better than any medicine and any bandaid. However as we get older the hugs become more varied. We can still get hugs from our parents, but there is a grown up sincerity in them. A feeling of passing their love to you. These should be cherished, because sadly one day these will stop. It is no fault of anyone's, it is just the natural passage of life. 

However, this is the bit that counts as we evolve in our lives. When you hug a loved one, you can give them that feeling but only so much more powerful. You can comfort, reassure, and give unconditional love all through a hug. Sincere hugs cannot be faked. You'll just know. With a sincere hug you can feel the receiver melt into your arms.

Cuddles always feel good don't they? It is because you have someone wrapped in your arms so tight that you can almost feel their heart with yours. It is what hugs are all about. We are never too old, and never too serious to be hugged.  

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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