Happy Damn Friday - Hands Across The World

Sometimes things happen that cannot be reasoned. They cannot be justified and they must never be condoned. Regardless of what misguided thoughts, beliefs or radicalisation, there is a point in humanity that calls for the sobriety of thought. The clarity of an open mind, and power of many to stop the atrocities of a few. 

The world has been shocked yet again by the terrible acts of cowardice in Paris last week. The senseless and abhorrent attacks that have taken mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters from their loved ones. People cut down for no other reason than they were somewhere living their lives to the full. 

The concert goers at the Bataclan centre who knew nothing of their fate save for a split second of sheer terror before their light was extinguished by a terrorists gun. 

Humanity saw some who put their life in front of others by becoming a human shield against the spray of automatic gunfire. 

All this for what? The loss of life for what?

Conflicts will sadly never go away, but the strength, the power and the beauty of the people will always overcome. They lash out with bullets, we lay down flowers across the planet. We unite in grief and support and hold hands across the planet as a symbol of a strength and light that can never be beaten. That can never be extinguished. 

Repose en paix, et de briller pour toujours!
(Rest in peace, and shine forever more!)

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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