Happy Damn Friday - Power Of Loss

As this year comes towards its end, so to have the journeys of many. This week I have learnt of another friend who has lost a parent. As we get older in life it is inevitable that we, and those around us, will experience loss.  The loss of parents and siblings will come to us all. Some will have the pain of losing a child. Some will lose their partner, their soul mate. 

Whilst these times will be hard, and depending on the relationship with the one who is lost it may seem unbearable. However, even though it might seem like the sadness is going to blanket everything, take the opportunity to be thankful for every movement you had with them in your life. Every smile, every laugh and every memory. 

Death is not final. It is when we reflect. It should be when we celebrate the chapter of our life that has been enriched by the presence of someone, who without them the journey so far just wouldn't have been quite the same. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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