Happy Damn Friday - Rebel Heart

What do you believe in? Have you got a rebel heart? It can be anything, it can be anyone or anywhere. The main thing is you have your heart there. You have it so strong that you know it isn't going to be faltered and that you have the commitment to yourself that you know you are meant for it. This is the key to your success. The key to being you. Your success in your career, in your journey through life, and in love. It's there for you to believe in. Being the real you is what the world yearns for. Being what people want you to be is never going to be real. Real is being you. In life you should never compete with anyone. A flower grows and blooms without competing with the flower next to it. Stand up, stand out and be you for you. 

The two most important days of your life are he day you are born, and the day you realise why. Be seen as a rebel heart, because life won't wait for you. 

Say "hell yeah, this is me - right where I'm supposed to be!".

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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