Happy Damn Friday - Rocket Man

With all the publicity this week of Tim Peake, the first British Astronaut to reach the international space station, it makes me wonder how many people have dreams and aspirations to shoot for the stars, but never fully make it? 

What if you don't allow the world to hamper your ambition? Why should you be made feel that you can't do something? 

When we set out goals, we set out our ambitions. It doesn't have to be going into space, it can be anything you aspire to do or have. For me it was to find someone who just makes everyday amazing. I've reached that ambition and no matter what other goals have lapsed or surpassed in life, it doesn't matter because I have someone there with me on every journey. The fact is when you reach that point, the point when your ambition or goal is reality,  you have already won in life. 

So look to the stars and know that it is closer than you think. Know that for some of us we can be the luckiest people in the world - or in space. But most of all, know that when its in your heart, you have your heart in the world, in everything you do and from the freshness of every dawn through to the calmness of dusk. 

Будьте ракета человек!
(Be a rocket man!)

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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