Happy Damn Friday - Red Hot Chilli Pepper?

Be a chilli pepper? There are hundreds of varieties of chilli peppers in the world, and every one is different. It's a bit like being human - some have a bit more 'life' than others. 

What is it about you that makes you different? What is it about you that is going to leave an impression on the world forevermore? What if I told you that because you are so uniquely different the world is evolving to where it always wanted to get to. What if you think about it that without you the world would be a grey pallet that doesn't have the shine of everything you bring to life. The lack of colour that you bring with every smile. 

There may be things that you don't see, but believe me you are the most special, most beautiful, kindest and most incredible person that has ever brought colour to the world. 

It's easy when you take a moment, believe me - believe in yourself and take the world in your stride. 

Be the light in a land of grey. Be the chilli pepper in the dish of life!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

Apologies for anyone who has emailed, but having some issues with email at present. Please keep emailing and hopefully I'll get it sorted asap. happydamnfriday@outlook.com