Happy Damn Friday - Too Many Words?

Ever get one of those days when there is just 'too many words?'. Too many emails to deal with, too many distractions, too much going on?

Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it can seem like all too much and not knowing where to start. This is life in general. But the best bit is, this is the fundamental bit, there truly is never too much. No matter what we have we have an abundance of our own inner awesomeness. This is what we tap into when the rest of the world is being blinded by too many words, and drowning in a sea of too many letters. 

Think about each and every time you get through something. Each time you complete a task that at the start seemed so much that you'd never get through it. 

You are bigger than everything and anything. When we allow ourselves to feel that, then there truly is no such thing as too many words. Keep your head up and let the words fall into place

Thesaurus anyone...?

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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