Happy Damn Friday - Blind Man's Eyes

See the world through the eyes of a blind man. 

Ever stop to wonder what it's like to live for a day as somebody who is visually impaired? How they picture the world and how they picture themselves? It may be that they have an image of beauty in its purest form because they have never had it tarnished with what we are made to see as how the world, and us as individuals, are made to feel it should be. 

The coolest thing is their vision comes from within. It comes from what they have in their mind and in their heart - a pretty good start if you ask me. 

So, why not try this. Close your eyes and picture life. Not how the world is making you see it, but how you want to see it. Picture the world around you, as if the world was blind and seeing you for the first time. Seeing how amazing you are. How beautiful you are as you stand before the world in all the glory that makes you exactly who you are, and not how you think you are seen. 

Maybe the blind person sees more than most. Maybe they see how life really looks and how beautiful it can be. 

I was blind, but now I see...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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