Happy Damn Friday - Nobody's Hero?

You've got to laugh at adversity. Otherwise it will over take you. When you think about those who inspire us, those who have overcome so much, they are the ones who never set out to be someone's hero. They are the ones who only set out to be themselves. To overcome what they have faced. To be what they truly could, because by not being all they could they would have become just another person, another face in the crowd of life. 

So when it comes to it, if you laugh out loud, smile from your heart out - because you can't help it. If you go for it and live your life out loud, then you will ultimately become somebody's hero. 

If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now, you will never become all that you can. You will never become somebody's hero!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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