Happy Damn Friday - Sit Down...

This week the world has yet again seen the atrocities of the few who seem determined to undermine and corrupt the hearts of the many. The most heart breaking thing is that sadly will be more instances like this. Why? This is the biggest question, this is what everyone who watched what happened in Belgium will undoubtably have asked themselves many times. 

The darkness of the hate that is believed by the perpetrators is instilled from childhood. A disillusion handed down from father to son, from brother to brother, and even mother to daughter. 

It is fundamentally wrong that hatred is the foundation of anything. In anything one strives to do, it should never be fuelled by hatred or aggression. For that is only the fuel of disillusion, the foundation for a misgivings of a blind faith. 

If your belief requires you to hate, then it is time to find a new belief. 

In love, in fear, in grief, in tears, the world will sit down together. United against hate, united against terror, and united for we know the world is worth being united for. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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