Happy Damn Friday - I'm Going Nowhere...

Find happiness and allow yourself to have happiness in your life and in your heart. I believe the key to life, is to have both. You need to have happiness in your heart for it to spread outward and into your life. Too many live without truly living. Too many have the facade of happy lives but yet their hearts are a void which yearns to have the ability to beat for a purpose. 

With happiness in your heart you can go on the most wondrous journeys by just looking into the eyes of who brings that happiness. When you allow yourself to have that you will find it. Actually, when you allow yourself to have that it will find you. 

Take your heart on a journey bigger than any journey your mind will ever go on. Bigger than any dream. Bigger than anything, and best of all it will be by going nowhere other than in the eyes of the mirror of your soul. 

I'm going nowhere, would you like to come too?

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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