Happy Damn Friday - It's a Claddagh Thing

Live your life like a Claddagh. When you have the meaning of Love, Friendship and Loyalty as your foundations for life you will truly have a journey that will take you to the most magical places. Your life will be a cornerstone for those who you show the meaning of all three aspects of the Claddagh. Your example will be what makes you stand out as the beautiful and truly inspirational individual you are. 

The spirit is the hands that hold the heart. Your heart is glowing and bursting with love when you find that special someone. Your friendship is a gift to those you bestow it onto. Lastly your mind is the crown that shows the loyalty. The loyalty lies within yourself and it is what is given and received by those whose mean something to you. 

Never be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve. When you show the world just how big your heart is then it proves that there is more light in the world than darkness. 

Last week I had the Claddagh tattooed onto my left forearm because the meaning holds true to my heart, my life and my love. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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