Happy Damn Friday - Moving on up...

Overstretched and underwhelmed? 

Life is about being excited by the prospect of everything we have and what is yet to come. Too many are stuck in dead end jobs that mean nothing more than an arduous day, that turns into a long week and before you know it you are creeping towards retirement and nothing that you want to hold in memory as a large chunk of your life spent doing something you wanted or something worthwhile. 

Many of us have a 'dream' job or a career that we would love, but how much of it matters? The truth is it matter more than you know. By giving yourself the power to do something you get satisfaction from you have already given yourself the power to be the real you. 

Give yourself the power to be happy. Give yourself the power to do something worthwhile. I have. 

The power to see,
The power to give,
The power to be!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! x

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