Happy Damn Friday - Can't Run From The Truth

The truth comes out in the end. Someone close to me posted this yesterday and you know what it does. No matter how hard you might try to run from the truth, it comes out. However, the thing is the truth is worthless if you are not prepared to accept it. 

Some of us go through stuff that for some reason or other seems like it is what we want, when really it couldn't be any more toxic to your very existence. There will be people; friends, family, loved ones who will try to tell you this, but deep down unless you are prepared to accept the truth, then it is of no bearing or no consequence to the path of destruction you may already be upon. 

Family can be meddlesome at times. They may be hard work - I know!!! But I guess the thing is that when you have your closest friends reiterating what family have already been saying, then maybe there is a semblance of truth in what they are trying to portray to you. 

Change is hard, acceptance is harder, but ultimately it is what is needed. It is what will set you free from what suffocates you. From what torments your thoughts and drags you down even when you can't see it - yet it is screaming out to all those around you. All those who actually care. 

So there you have it peeps, the truth is only of worth when we are brave enough to accept it for what it is. The truth. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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