Happy Damn Friday - Real Music, Real Life

Just as with life, keep your music real. 

What do I mean by this? This week I went to a gig. I was lucky enough to witness a live voice that literally blew me away with just how good it was. A band that have worked so hard to get their break. An artist that has poured their soul into their craft and told their story that make up the lyrics of their song. 

When you listen to a song do you simply listen to the words or do you hear the story the lyrics are telling?

Manufactured music, as with manufactured people, is not real. There is no story in the song. This also applies to people, there is no story in a fake persons life. 

When you live your life think about what the lyrics of your song would be. Think about a stadium full of people wanting to sing your song. Think of the busker on a street corner playing it for passers by. Think about someone in their home singing it to themselves. But most of all think about your song for you, because you are the composer of your story, the writer of your lyrics and the one that the world is going to be calling for an encore time and time again. 

Keep the music and people in your life real. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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