Happ Damn Friday - Potential...

How many of us never realise our full potential? Even scarier, how many have never even thought what our full potential could be?

Each and every one of us has the potential to be something, to be someone, to be everything. 

It's not about being the best at everything that will help you realise your dreams, your goals or your ambition. It is the being the best at being you - and you know what, you are already there. Nobody on the planet has the ability to live your life, to change what you can change or to make the difference you can make. Pretty impressive huh? Actually, it's you that's the impressive one. It's you that is already doing everything others can't and it starts every day when you wake and right through until you drift into sleep in preparation for another days awesomeness. 

So, go back to being you. Back to being ready to take the stage at the biggest gig the world has ever seen, and the set list is easy because you write it every day in all your words, all your actions and your presence. 

Don't just play to shadows in the dark. Have yourself centre stage in life, all the lights on you and take it all in. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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