Happy Damn Friday - 'WORLD' History X

Last night I watched American History X, one of my all time favourite films and one I have watched many times since its release in 1998. What can I say about this movie apart from it is a tragically sad, and brutal reflection of life. 

So very frightening that it is so close to home with what is going on with the Britain First mindset in the UK today. Not to mention those two poor children left motherless last week, when an MP was brutally murdered, and for what? But it's not just here in the UK, it is in every nation, in every misguided, egotistical and xenophobic person out there in the world. 

The story of this film is the simplicity of the corruption of weak minds. It is the brain washing with hate and the implication that if it's different it's wrong. 

This is not the world we want. We need a world that has the open eyes, open ears and open hearts that see through this. Our world deserves better than people who think like this.

All kids should be made to watch this film, to understand that it's easy to get dragged in for the weak minded, and once there you can never truly leave. To understand that tabloid thinking and ignorance leads to wrecked lives, wrecked families and wrecked countries. 

Someday you will miss today, don't make it a regret. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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