Happy Damn Friday - Circle Of Life

Never underestimate those in your life. Never take for granted those who make up your circle of life. Your circle of life is family and it is friends. Your circle is the boundary in which your heart beat resonates before it returns to you, with the echo of the heart beats of everyone in your circle. 

When your circle drops by just one heartbeat it changes everything. It changes the way your heart beats, that's for sure. What we need to do is know we can never replace that heart beat, instead we have the privilege of knowing that heartbeat was part of your circle of life. For your journey so far they were there and watched with pride as you grew into everything you are. They made the circle complete up to now, but their time in the circle has passed. 

At the end of our journey through life our circle will have changes in it when some people come in, and sadly some go. Our circle never breaks, it may feel like it has broken when a heartbeat leaves the circle, but it draws closer and gives us the reality check of being thankful for all we have and all we have had in our lives. 

Do not fear the end, even though there is great sadness you will be remembered and loved always.

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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