Happy Damn Friday - Give More

Never take more than you give. A simple but important message for modern living? When you think about it, the resources of everything in your life need this balance. This applies to the world, to life, to friendship and to love. 

When we give more than we take to the world we help to heal the planet, and make it a healthier and safer place to live. It can be from simple things like not littering, or just as simple by recycling and making environmentally sympathetic choices as a consumer.  

In life we can give more than we take by being emphatic to those around us. Being understanding and being kind. A simple act of kindness like opening a door for a stranger costs nothing, yet gives much. 

With friendship it is all about being dependable - but don't confuse that with being used. It's about being the one that is at the end of the phone, anywhere at any time. It's about not seeing your friend for a while, but within a minute of talking it's like you only saw them yesterday. Those moments are the best, I'm lucky to have friends like this. 

Lastly, with love give your everything. Your everything is someone knowing that you are their world when the real world could be falling apart around them. Be the rock on which they can stand their life upon. 

Never take more than you give, because living life with a ratio that's biased towards giving is a truly wonderful way to live. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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