Happy Damn Friday - Thinking Out Loud?

What do you think about? In those moments when your mind drifts from whatever task you are undertaking, what do you think about?

For most of us it is the time when we go over events of the day or plans to come. Sometimes it's when we dwell on something because the eventual outcome has disappointed us, and whilst it may have angered at the time now it is the time to realise that those who made you feel that way have no longer got any part in your life. I've had this in the last week when after a prolonged period it became clear that someone no longer has a part in my life. 

Instead of dwelling I am accepting. It can be hard, depending on circumstances to do so, but dwelling will not make it better. It will not make the actions of others easier to accept or to take as anything other than ignorance and selfishness. However, take a moment now. Just a minute will do. Look to yourself and this is the biggest thing you can tell yourself, if someone truly mattered to you or wanted to matter, then the repercussions of their actions would not have the impact they did. Therefore, if someone's actions have a negative impact to you, then they clearly don't matter. 

Easy when you do the math, or am I thinking out loud?

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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