Happy Damn Friday - Believe... Achieve

In a week when many school kids find out their examination grades, it is important to remember that grades, whilst it is important to do your best, they do not map out the opportunity for success throughout life. Some people graduate, some don't - yet we all have a propensity for success in life and in love. It's just the realisation to tap into it. 

How many times have you heard that if you believe you can achieve? This is true in so many ways. Many of the most successful people in the world did not particularly excel academically, yet they had a strong belief in what they wanted and they worked hard and low and behold they got it. 

Achievements in life are about the success of your own path. It could be many things, and it could be many ways in which you have success. The most important thing for me is I don't want to be better than anyone else - I'm not out to live my life marked against the lives of others. Instead, I only ever want to be better than myself. That way I can become more successful throughout my life than I had been in the days, weeks, months or years before. 

Just in case you're wondering, the biggest success? Happiness. Simple really. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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