Happy Damn Friday - Frankie Says...

Frankie Says 'Relax'... Right?

Remember when that message was emblazoned across t-shirts in the 1980's - well for those of us old enough to remember the 80's and the lifetime of nostalgia it has engraved on our hearts and minds. 

I love looking back to times in my life when we didn't have as much as we have now. A simpler time yes, but a time when there was an undercurrent of excitement of what was yet to come? For example in the UK there was a science and technology show called 'Tomorrow's World', I remember fondly watching with interest of what the 'future' would hold. 

It's funny now when I think about the future, I am still intrigued, but as we get older there can be trepidation at times. Not just for what we have to effect our own personal lives, but for the governing bodies across the world. The figure heads of state (and those that aspire to be). The danger of what could happen should a self obsessed moron ever be given office. 

So when I think about it now, I take a back seat to my own mind and think of that t-shirt 'Relax'. To be honest, it's not a bad thing to do. It's a way to keep calm and level headed in a world that often appears to have the potential to lose theirs. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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