Happy Damn Friday - Nourishment?

It's got to be worth it. It doesn't matter what or where, or even who. The thing is anything you let into your life has got to be worth being there. 

Ever been to a restaurant where you look at other peoples meals and wish you'd ordered that instead? Let's face it we've all had a meal that didn't quite hit the mark, or sometimes even come close to our expectation of the delicious feast we were about to receive??

The same applies for our lives. Whatever we have in our lives has got to have a level of worth for being part of our existence. It doesn't have to be a monetary or material worth, it can be something that we hold dear to through nostalgia or something we learn from. Even when it extends to people, those we have in our lives should have some worth to us, and likewise in return. It's not about what someone physically gives us that makes it worth having in our lives, it's what they give and we give in return through empathy, compassion, kindness, friendship and ultimately love that makes it more valuable than all the treasures in the world. 

So when you get the menu in the restaurant of life, choose what nourishes your body, your life and your soul. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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