Happy Damn Friday - We Don't Need No Education?

What so many of us in the western world seem to forget that an education is a privilege, and one that is missed by so many who would dream and aspire to have the most basic educational attainments we have and take for granted. However, many seem to disregard the ability to become educated in favour of making themselves sound dumb. 

One of my ultimate annoyances is when people use 'text speak'. I for one cannot get my head around it - I mean, why drop one or two letters from a word??? What do these people do with all the extra time they have saved by not writing the word properly?

In a generation where the smart phone is the single biggest access point of communication across the globe, we have entered a time when we have smart phones and dumb people. 

I implore you to use your education, use your vocabulary and communicate properly.

Don't dumb down. Don't believe for one second that you will ever sound cool by writing or talking in slang. It is a defamation of your own ability to communicate. Ultimately it is setting the human race back thousands of years for no other reason than logic and sense have been disregarded in favour of ignorance and laziness. 

Read more, understand more, use your brain as the amazing tool it is. 

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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