Lost or found?

I've been lost, I've been found. 

Sometimes in life we have the sensation of feeling lost in the world, and sometimes even lost within ourselves. I guess the way to think about it is when we are wondering just what it's all about. What life has in store for us, and at times what curve ball it's going to throw at us next. 

Some have faith, some have other means to get through. But for all it is having a heart that you know deserves more and a life that is to be fulfilled. 

I've been there. I can remember sitting in a bedsit room and feeling totally lost. The difference for me was I decided that I wasn't going to feel like that any more. That I deserved to be happy. That I deserved a life that I would wake up happy. 

I have now have that, I have someone who gives me that happiness. Someone who gives me everything. 

It comes down to you. When you know you want more in life and you feel like you deserve it, then that is the turning point. That is the most important thing of all, because that is what starts to make it real. That is when the good stuff happens.

That's when you look in the mirror and realise that you are looking at someone special. Someone who deserves the good stuff. Someone who is the reason good stuff happens for others. 

Here's looking at you...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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