This week the U.K. is said to be considering adding misogyny to those offences considered as a 'hate crime'. For me it should have been on the list long ago. Why should any woman or girl be made feel intimidated, scared or like they cannot become one of the greatest living people of all time. With respect and support, all woman and all girls should be made feel exactly this. They should be made feel like they can be world leaders no matter what field they are in or aspire to be. 

Nobody has the right to make anyone feel less worthy or excluded from society, by their words, actions or behaviour.

Sadly also in the U.K. this week there was a racist attack on a pregnant woman that resulted in the loss of her baby. Why? I have read and re-read the article many times and I cannot fathom a single reason why it could ever be justifiable by any member of society that deserves the air we breathe. The air we all share. The saddest thing is the perpetrator thinks that the colour of their skin and their nationality makes them superior to the poor woman he attacked. Within the U.K. there is a proportion of the nation who are gullible enough to believe everything they read in their daily tabloid rag. The people who accept the behaviour of groups like Britain First to be acceptable, the ones who cannot see certain political parties for the facist hate campaigners they really are. 

I beg of you, do not fuel the tabloid dumbing of the nation. Do not ever believe that facist or extremist groups will ever have the answer to anything. The same goes for political parties with an underlying message of hate and intolerance. 

It's all down to respect. Those who lack it will do their best to destroy the lives of a many. Those who have respect will enrich the lives of everyone they encounter. It's not hard to see where the balance lies - right?

It's a respect thing...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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