Nobody cept you

Have you ever had one of those moments when you take stock of your life and those in it, and it starts to make sense?

Many of us will have had friends, that for one reason or other are no longer there with us or for us. Even at times when it is a friend who promised they always would. I have seen this first hand in the last few weeks and it is sad. However, whilst it is sad, it is also the proof of the person. Not everyone will be there. The ones who are, they are the ones to hold dear. 

In life, and in friendship there should always be loyalty. Both given and implied, it is what brings those who are close even closer. It brings each end of our circle together. 

In love it is all this, and more. It is the wanting just to be with that someone. It is the being the reason for smiles. It is the reason to believe - in everything. It's about the one who reaches you, the one that you admire. Every time you're together, your soul should feel like it's on fire. 

There's nothing round here that I believe in, 'cept you!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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