Oh I do love to be beside the seaside...

Last Saturday was in the top three days of my life. The top three are last Saturday when I married the person who just gets me on every level and in every way, and the birth of my two sons. Hands down I have never though I would have this trinity of happy days. But I am a very lucky man, I know it and I feel like the cat that's got the cream. 

With everything I have experienced in life so far this year, and believe me when I say it's more than most will want to, and also with the day ahead of me I wanted to have a moment of calm so that I could fully enjoy every second of the day to come. I got this as I heard the waves gently rolling onto the beach, and the crunch of the shingle underfoot. 

There are fewer things more cleansing for the mind than an early morning walk along a beach. There are few people around, if any, and those that are tend to be in the same conscious state of mind. 

Take yourself to a beach early in the morning. Go there and just feel the sense of being. Have the sound of the waves transport you in a hypnotic rhythm to another world deep within your mind. Let the cool breeze refresh your face and cool your lungs with every life giving breath. Let every bit of you be engulfed by every bit of the moment. 

When you return you will be cooler, calmer and refreshed. Who knows, some of you may even finish the day by getting married. Worked for me...

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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