Who do you support?

In a world where there is an obsession for supporting sports teams, the passion expressed is given whole heartedly and almost to a dying breath. But in a world where compassion to each other is often lacking, what if that support was given and shown as strength to others?

Sometimes there's a need to have strength, even when it feels like it couldn't be further from where you are either physically or emotionally. 

It can be difficult, but it can be surprising just where you can draw strength from. Sometimes it's from within, and often when it's from within you don't know it's there until you find it. But when you do it is part of what sets you aside, part of what can often inspire others. 

Another great source of strength is friends. We should never take our friends for granted, and at the times we need them most the true friends shine through. I am blessed to have friends like this, and in the last few weeks in particular they have been there. I am thankful for this. I am thankful that I know I have people that if I called they will answer no matter what. 

Its the same as the support of a loved one, it should be unconditional and unending and given without asking. Given without needing to be asked. 

Be there for someone if you can, you may never fully appreciate just how much it means at the time, but believe me it does and whoever you are there for will be blessed to have your support. 

Be a tower of strength to someone, to yourself, to anyone... me, I support team you!

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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