Wicker Man

In the last few weeks, 3 months to be exact, I have been thinking and over thinking life. I have seen how families can be changed with a phone call. I have seen how illness can change the outlook of individuals and a family as a whole. I have seen how everything changes.

I know it sounds random but I kind of got a moment of clarity when I found myself staring into space, but in reality looking at a wicker basket. 

It made me realise that life is like a wicker basket. Integrally woven with breaks. There is a solid base, which is in effect family we grow up with. But as you look at it, you notice the uprights which I guess show us how many different ways our lives can go as we grow. But interwoven with these are our loved ones. Our family and our friends. 

Sadly there will be breaks where the wicker comes to an end and a new piece is jointed in. This is true of life when someone who is woven into our life moves on or worse still passes away. The jointing to me represents the new people that come into our lives along the way. As a child it is our friends, this is also true throughout your life. But also as we get older it can be relationships, and for some it is our children. 

So when you think about it in real terms, we are all like a wicker basket. Why a basket? That bit is easy - how else are we going to carry all those memories, all those smiles, laughter and treasured times of what we have experienced, and those who we still hold dear to our hearts. 

I want my basket to be as big and as full as possible.  

Happy Damn Friday Peeps! X

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